Fair Fighting Rules

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Rule One. Don't eat too much.

Rule Two. Athlete's Foot is a Fungus, Tell Your Doctor About It.

Rule Three. Watch Out For Overripe Slippery Bananas.

Rule Four. Remember: Some People Just Don't Understand.

Rule Five. And If You Really Like Someone, Just Kiss Them.

Rule Six. Very Bad Moment For Finding Coins on Floor.

       Rule Six B. ... and give the coin back as soon as possible.

"Martial Arts Humor"


Jeff said...

Years ago, when I was doing a kick, I cut someone's lip with my toenail. That was gross.

Anonymous said...

poor guy, got his butt kicked sooooooo bad :C(

i once cut my finger open on a peice of plastic on someone's helmut :( there uniform needed to be washed a lot... they were more freaked out by blood than i was LOL