Falcon Punch

Be sure to be easy on the target, it's quite a deadly punch.

falcon martial arts punch
Falcon Punch - Deadly Punch.

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Top 10 Signs You've Got a Bad Referee

bad martial arts referee

10. The referee argues about whether he can bring his walker on the mat.

9. The referee borrows a pair of glasses from the corner judge.

8. The referee keeps going up to Japanese fans and asking if they are Yasuhiro Yamashita.

7. Your opponent's sleeves are folded up to the elbows, and the referee doesn't notice.

6. Your opponent has gotten up 3 times before the referee decides that the first throw scored ippon.

5. He still thinks the pistol grip refers to a technique in the Goshin Jutsu.

4. The referee carries a stop watch to time 3 seconds for newaza.

3. The score reaches 3 waza-ari to 2 waza-ari, and you're still fighting.

2. During meetings the referee and corner judges exchange money.

And the number one sign you've got a bad referee...

1. After the match, the referee can't find his shoes!

"Martial Arts Humor"

Fair Fighting Rules

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Rule One. Don't eat too much.

Rule Two. Athlete's Foot is a Fungus, Tell Your Doctor About It.

Rule Three. Watch Out For Overripe Slippery Bananas.

Rule Four. Remember: Some People Just Don't Understand.

Rule Five. And If You Really Like Someone, Just Kiss Them.

Rule Six. Very Bad Moment For Finding Coins on Floor.

       Rule Six B. ... and give the coin back as soon as possible.

"Martial Arts Humor"