Ghostwheel's Top Ten Signs you're in a McDojo

10. You instructor has a Grandmasters Certificate. In Crayon.

9. The Senior Assistant Instructor is a 4 year old black belt.

8. The sign in the window says the school trains in more than 10 martial arts.

7. Its a Korean art.

6. Your instructor tries to sell you Amway products.

5. While examining the schools tournament trophies, you find 3 for spelling bees.

4. Reading the contract for the school is considered a kata (and a long one at that).

3. No one sweats.

2. While at a tournament, your opponent finds out who your teacher is and high-fives his teacher.

1. When paying for your belt examinations, the instructor asks: "Do you want fries with that?"

"Martial Arts Humor"


Anonymous said...

To my mind one and all ought to look at this.